joi, iulie 28, 2011


"Supuşii Majestăţii Sale să ştie foarte bine cine sînt, de unde vin şi unde vor să ajungă"

Anarho-tirania pe înţelesul tuturor:

Tiranie - "A distraught grandmother has been hauled into court and ordered to wear an electronic tag - because she couldn't face having her elderly dog put down. The RSPCA broke into her home and, after finding the dog with numerous medical problems, charged 71-year-old Mrs Spoor with causing unnecessary suffering to her loyal companion.
Dexter, who had been suffering from fur loss, arthritis and conjunctivitis, was put to sleep by a vet the day after he was found.
After being hauled in front of Tameside magistrates, retired cashier Mrs Spoor was spared jail but ordered to wear a tag and given a nine-hour daily curfew.She was told by magistrates she must remain at home between 9pm and 6am and must also complete a community order. "
Tiranie - "A churchgoer who left pork products outside a mosque during a hate campaign against Muslims has been put behind bars.
John White, 63, left rashers of bacon outside the religious building in South Shields, and similar products outside worshippers' homes."

Anarhie - "An extremist who exposed gaping holes in Britain's border controls will be free to walk the streets after a judge granted him bail.
Sheikh Raed Salah entered the country last month despite an order banning him from doing so.He was eventually arrested and locked up but is using human rights laws to try to remain.
Now, in a further blow, the High Court last night released him from custody while his case is dealt with.
Salah, 52, who has been described in the House of Commons as 'virulently anti-Semitic', could be at large for months as the legal challenge makes its way through the courts."
Anarhie - "A teenage thug was free to murder a cancer patient in a drunken street attack after blundering court officials failed to have him electronically tagged.
Serial troublemaker Aaron Breffitt, then 16, should have been fitted with the tag to curb his movements after being put under a strict night-time curfew for an earlier assault.
But the device was never fitted because staff at North East Suffolk Magistrates Court forgot to tell monitoring firm Serco, it has emerged. "

Din fericire, totul e bine. Au regină.

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