marți, iunie 29, 2010

Victims of Oppression

Din NY Times :

Vandals Set Fire to U.N. Children’s Camp in Gaza

GAZA CITY — A gang of gunmen slashed plastic sheds and toys and vandalized a swimming pool at a United Nations summer camp for children in the Gaza Strip before setting fire to the site Monday, United Nations officials said.

In caz ca va intrebati cine ar putea sa fie acesti vandali finalul foarte scurtului articol ofera un posibil raspuns:

Islamic extremist groups in Gaza have said in the past that the Relief and Works Agency, the main arm of the United Nations operating in Gaza, was a corrupting influence on local children for introducing activities they consider at odds with conservative Islamic customs.

E bine ca se gandesc la binele copiilor pentru ca oricum agentiile ONU nu ii ajuta cu nimic....

In 2000, UNRWA spent more than $72 per Palestinian refugee (on average) while UNHCR spent roughly $53 per refugee on the refugees from the rest of the world indicating that Palestinian refugees are treated better by the United Nations than other refugees. ( Wikipedia )